Ultimate Ski Fit 6-week progressive course

If you are planning to hit the slopes this winter you may want to read on!

To get the most out of any ski trip you may need to add some specific training drills that match the strains placed on the body when out on the slopes.

The Fitness Practice is running a SIX WEEK PROGRESSIVE ski fitness programme. This has been designed by a top performance and snow sports coach who has a unique understanding of the elements of fitness required for downhill, cross-country & telemark skiing as well as snowboarding.

This course will really prepare you for the slopes if you want to be able to:

  1. Stay out longer and have the stamina to keep skiing.
  2. Recover quickly and be ready to ski again next day
  3. Stay upright! ( and have the strength to pick yourself up if you do fall) and
  4. Improve your overall ski performance

What do we cover?

The drills incorporate the use of Nordic walking poles and focus on improving the following key elements:

  • Cardiovascular/respiratory fitness

Ski from the first to the last lift, have the stamina for the longer, faster runs or switch on bursts of power for those uphill, sprints or moguls.

  • Weight transfer

Critical for performance, improve your forward propulsion, make your turns more skilful and ski-safer.

  • Balance

Make your weight transfer easier and improve technique through greater lower body and core strength and avoid injury

  • Co-ordination 

Moving your upper and lower body together for faster and smoother techniques, turns and jumnps

  • Rhythm

Make full use of each ‘powerhouse’ (upper/lower body and core) at the correct point in the technique and enables smooth weight transfer in turns. Looking good!

  • Muscular power and strength

Upper and lower body muscular strength for balance, powerful leg action and the ability to maintain stable postures for longer periods.

  • Agility and speed of reaction

Important for avoiding accidents, collisions and falls

  • Flexibility

Good flexibility aids performance and is an important factor in injury prevention.

This really is the ULTIMATE outdoor way to ensure the body is ready to cope with the demands of skiing and to have the energy & fitness levels to make the most of every second.

So look good and feel good out on the slopes this year. Join our 6-week course to hone your body into a strong, flexible, powerful, balanced, rhythmical and superfast skiing machine! Even if skiing isn’t your thing there are huge health and fitness benefits from joining this outdoor fitness programme.