Corrective exercise

Fascinating fact: a shoulder pain might be due to poor foot/ankle mobility

Welcome to the world of Corrective Exercise which considers how the body moves as a whole. The Fitness practice is delighted to now offer Corrective Exercise to support people moving effectively, freely and without pain.

What is it? Corrective exercise addresses joint inflexibility, muscle instability, and poor body mechanics, which makes it an ideal form of exercise therapy for everyone – from people...coming back to fitness to elite athletes looking to take their athletic performance to the next level.

What we love about it is that it starts with a detailed analysis of your body, which will allows us to determine any deficits or imbalances that may be affecting your movements. For athletes, this process may address performance, while for others it may address anything that hinders daily activities. The next step is a personalized exercise and flexibility program designed to correct imbalances to make positive changes on body mechanics and address the underlying cause of pain.

Who’s it for? Basically, anybody who want to address any of the following:

• Pain, stability or range of motion in their back, neck, shoulders, hips, knees, foot or ankle
• Poor posture which is often the case in sedentary lives or if we overuse certain muscles
• Rehab after operations or recovering from an injury
• Anybody interested in maximizing their fitness potential and proactively staving off some of the common physiological effects of aging
• Athletes looking to start a training programme and want to avoid injury