How far can you walk uphill in a year?

At The Fitness Practice we believe in the power of walking and running uphill and downhill for a superior workout. Whatever your goals adding a gain in height to your walk or run will deliver of whole lot more for your strength and toning, heart and lungs and health overall.

For this reason we have launched the Horizontigo Challenge 2017. We are challenging our Nordic walkers to walk up the equivalent of some of our favourite places and mountains. Starting with The Shard at 309 metres we keep climbing up to Snowden (1085m), Mt Olympus (2918m), Mt Blanc (4810m) and Aconcagua (6962m) before reaching the giddy heights of Mount Everest at 8848 metres.

Each mountain has its own badge to recognise everyone’s awesome achievements.

As a Nordic walking team we are hoping that our combined height gain over this year will reach the stratosphere at 50,000 metres of ascent. Keep a look out on our Facebook page to see how well we are doing.