Clare Baldwin proves to be a speedster with a pair of poles


What did Clare think of Nordic Walking?

Today BBC Radio 4’s ‘Ramblings’ presenter Clare Balding talked of her first-time experience of taking up some poles and joining British Nordic Walking for a Nordic Walk.

Clare had never tried Nordic Walking before, but clearly saw the benefits the exercise had to offer when she joined British Nordic Walking’s National Coach, Dr Catherine Hughes, and a small group of adults for a lesson.

Clare was visiting a project that Catherine runs for people with learning difficulties and their carers. The class is like a lifeline to some of the group, offering not only a rare chance for the mums and daughters of the group to get physically active, but to meet others with similar learning difficulties.

Clare took time to interview everyone, and she admitted she’d had a very moving experience listening to how Nordic Walking had changed their lives. She heard about the multiple benefits of Nordic Walking like the fun and support of walking in a group, feeling good after an hour in the fresh air, sleeping better, weight loss, reduced anxiety, empowerment and better coordination skills to name a few.

After an hour she could definitely feel the benefits herself particularly in her lower back, calf and glute muscles and was more out of breath than usual as she had been working at a higher intensity than normal walking.

Clare is no stranger to the benefits of normal walking either after losing 20llbs in weight to win a £2000 bet with her mum over who could lose the most weight in three months. Her secret to this was twofold.

 ‘The double-whammy of winning a competition and money from my mother was the perfect calorie-controlled carrot for me.’

The second was a commitment to walking 10,000 steps a day so that she could eat more than her allotted 1,200 calories daily.

Will her next book or programme be about Nordic walking in Britain I wonder?

Written by: Lisa Drewe on 17 Mar 2015, 20:59 PM



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