Why walking up and down hills will give you more bang for your exercise buck

People who walk up hills make gains in strength, endurance and overall health and fitness faster because the body must work harder during exercise. What goes up must come down though and guess what? Increasingly we are realising that there are significant benefits on the downhill stretch too. This article discusses the health and fitness benefits of up and downhill walking.

By Lisa Drewe on 4 Mar 2017

How to keep walking on winter nights

Night walking is fun. It's transformative and you'll discover a whole lot more on your doorstep by entering the nocternal world. Here's some top tips for making it fun.

By Lisa Drewe on 21 Nov 2016

Why walking for 30 mins a day can change your life

Walking is what we humans are biomechanically designed yet we are perilously close to an epidemic of ‘hyper-sitting syndrome’. We say we can’t help it with modern working work practices and lifestyles – but can we? This blog explores what 30 minutes of brisk walking a day can do for you.

By Lisa Drewe on 4 Oct 2016

Training for the Mont Blanc Marathon

If you wanted to choose your first running challenge would you chose this iconic mountain marathon to start with? One of our clients did and this is what we learnt over the last year in getting him ready for the distance, height gain and technical terrain.

By Lisa Drewe on 21 Jun 2016