Our story

I cannot imagine a more fulfilling experience than climbing to a mountain peak or sitting next to a wild ocean…I feel a sense of awe and discovery, and crave the peace and freedom of the outdoors… I want our Nordic walks to allow you to feel the same….the combination of nature and exercise is food for both the body and soul. Lisa

Some of my earliest childhood memories are walking the chalky Wiltshire paths with my parents. At the time of course I resented it as I would rather have been out playing with my friends. Who would have known though that those distant rambles would have instilled in me such a deep love for the outdoors that it shaped everything that I did thereafter.

As a life scientist my career took many paths before ending up leading the strategy for the UK’s largest environmental charity. I was fortunate in always loving what I did but increasingly I didn’t love sitting for hours on end in an office environment with an increasingly stressful job. Every muscle begged to move, I felt metabolically dull and the soreness in my back, neck and shoulders continued to grow. Mentally, I just craved the honesty and simplicity of nature and to spend more time outdoors, moving as we humans were designed to.

So I took the plunge! I started The Fitness Practice at the same time as joining forces with my husband to run a sustainability consultancy. I was looking to gain a better balance between exercise, spending time outdoors and ‘desk’ work.

Today I split my time between the both. I move for most of the day when I am Nordic walking with my groups, I discover more about our beautiful country and county and I experience the changing seasons. I spend a lot of my personal time in the mountains of Europe and further afield and discovering new coastal routes on my project to Nordic walk, run, swim or cycle around the islands of Britain. I’ve completed 97 islands so far, so a few more to go! I’ve always done this – I guess it’s walking at the land’s limits, where you can’t walk higher or further out to sea.

The health and positive energy this brings enables me to give my very best as a sustainability consultant to the high profile clients we work with.

I want to share what I have learnt from my own experiences and how the power of exercising in nature can transform lives. My particular interest is to get more people out on the hills, stairs and steps of Wiltshire to gain the maximum benefit from their uphill and downhill exercise. After discovering Nordic walking I’ve never looked back. In my mind at least it’s the best all round exercise for the outdoors.

At The Fitness practice we work with people who have made a fundamental decision to sit less, to get active outdoors and to discover more of what’s on their doorstep in wild Wiltshire. Their reasons might be to stay healthy for life, to overcome a life-changing event, to improve fitness for a holiday or a challenge event or to take some time for themselves and simply enjoy a good Nordic walk with friends.

Whatever their reasons they all inspire us more than they could know – for we have all been on the same journey and made the same decision somewhere along the way.

In wild Wiltshire our rivers and forests, hills and big skies are our outdoors…..come and discover how it feels to be out there and active. The hardest bit is taking the first step…..but once you have you’ll never stop moving.